Toon Earth resembles Earth-Prime, but operates under what its inhabitants call the "rule of funny." Most cartoons and comic strips take place here. It is more chaotic and can be unsettling for new visitors. The laws of physics may change unexpectedly and some beings are impossible to kill because of their "humor factor." The residents of Toon Earth believe that it is their sense of humor that make them strong and tend to look down on universes that have more serious laws of narrative causality.

Although humans are the dominant species, many anthropomorphic animals, co-exist with them. Historically, they have been second-class citizens and segregated schools still exist in the twenty-first century. Despite this, very few see this as a major problem.


During the 1900s, portals opened connecting Toon Earth to cities in an alternate version of Earth-Prime, including Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tokyo. Its inhabitants were dubbed "toons" because of their resemblence to people depicted in cartoon pictures. Many toons became hired in Hollywood as actors in comedic short films.

In the twenty-second century, Aku, one of the Archdevils' most powerful agents, managed to seize control over Toon Earth and enforced a totalitarian regime that forbade humor and laughter except for his own enjoyment. Many resisted, but Aku was immune to the power of Toon Physics. His reign finally ended when he was defeated by Samurai Jack, a warrior from the past.

500 years later, most of humanity was destroyed by atomic weapons during the Mushroom War. Toon Earth became dominated by the descendents of non-humans, including inanimate objects that were brought to life by powerful magic. Most humans that survived were greatly mutated by the fallout.

One area of Earth became known as the Land of Ooo, a region that was divided into several kingdoms, most of which were ruled by a princess. Once every one-hundred fifty years, the rulers of the kingdom would hold a special to discuss political affairs. The greatest hero during the post-Mushroom War period was Finn the Human, a descendent of Samurai Jack.

Works set on Toon EarthEdit

  • Disney Classic Shorts
  • Looney Tunes
  • Most Hanna-Barbara and Cartoon Network shows
  • Rocko's Modern Life
  • Spongebob Squarepants

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