William Adama Captain of the Battlestar Galactica.

Agamemnon King of Mycenae, leader of Greek army in the Trojan War.

King Arthur Ruler of post-Roman Britain, enemy of the invading Saxons.


Frodo Baggins Bearer of the One Ring, co-author of the Red Book of Westmarch.

Josiah Bartlet 43rd President of the United States.

Bion/Roland/Orlando Immortal soldier, member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

James Bond British secret agent 007-J1.

Stephanie Brown Robin IV/Batgirl III.


Randolph Carter Paranormal researcher, holder of the throne of Ilek-Vad.

John Clayton, Earl Greystoke/Tarzan British-African adventurer.


Timothy Drake Robin V, grandson of Bruce Wayne.


Dorothy Gale Princess of Oz, killer of two "wicked witches".

Gilgamesh King of Uruk, slayer of Hubaba.

Richard Grayson Robin I/Nightwing I/Batman II.

Thomas Grayson Nightwing II, son of Richard Grayson.


Hellboy Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense Agent.

Heracles Ancient Greek hero, slayer of several monsters.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting detective.


Kale-El/Clark Kent/Superman, survivor, first leader of the Justice League Of America.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk Captain of the starship USS Enterprise.


Lois Lane Newspaper journalist, wife of Superman.


Wilhelmina Murray Victim of Dracula, member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Odysseus King of Ithaca, Greek commander in the Trojan War.

Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man Member of the Justice League Of America.

Edmund Pevensie King of Narnia.

Lucy Pevensie Queen of Narnia.

Peter Pevensie King of Narnia.

Susan Pevensie Queen of Narnia, member of Logres.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard Captain of the starship 'USS Enterprise-D.

Harry Potter Defeater of Voldemort, Ministry of Magic agent.


Allan Quatermain British explorer, member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Steven Rogers/Captain America Leader of the Avengers.


Doctor James Clark Savage American adventurer.

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith.

Luke Skywalker Grand Master of the New Jedi Order.

Tony Stark Billionaire, member of the Avengers.


Jason Todd/Robin III/Red Hood II Costumed vigilante, leader of the Outlaws.


Bruce Wayne/Batman I Member of the Justice League of America, head of Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce Wayne, Jr./Robin II/Batman III Member of the Justice League of America.

Damien Wayne/Robin VI Son of Bruce Wayne, Jr. and Talia Al-Ghul.

Samuel "Spike" Witwicky Human friend of the Autobots.


Professor Charles Xavier Headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster.

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